Technical Training Syllabus

Taekwondo Training Syllabus

Each syllabus provides some guidelines in terms of which techniques you should know as you progress through your early Taekwondo training. There are 9 syllabuses in total, one for each coloured belt,  which covers basic punching, blocking, striking and kicking techniques, one-step sparring techniques, key tips on how to get the best out of your training and free-sparring moves to improve your fighting training.

The training aids include:

  • Key tips on getting the most out of your training.
  • Breathing control education.
  • Easy to understand instruction on how to obtain basic stances.
  • Clear and simple instruction and tips on Taekwondo kicking techniques.
  • Step by step concise tuition on executing basic combination techniques needed for grading.
  • A step-by-step break down of how to do new one-step sparring techniques.
  • Free sparring techniques to improve your balance, counter attacking and reflexes.
  • Tips and advice on how to be technically correct.

The series of syllabuses are a simple tool to ensure you are learning the correct techniques and skills for your next belt.

By being a good technician and by understand what you are doing you will make you a good instructor and black belt.

Repetition, practice and hard work in the Dojang with your instructor are what will ensure you reach your full Taekwondo potential. What each of the syllabuses hope to achieve is a better understanding of what you are doing and step by step advice and tips you can follow, learn and practice at home and in the Dojang to improve your Taekwondo.

If you do not build up your Taekwondo skills slowly and correctly you will never master the martial arts.

Please note belt colours may differ depending on your club system, however the Kup will remain the same.


White Belt (Technical Syllabus for 9th Kup)

Yellow Tag (Technical Syllabus for 8th Kup)

Yellow Belt (Technical Syllabus for 7th Kup)

Green Belt (Technical Syllabus for 6th Kup)

Blue Tag (Technical Syllabus for 5thKup)

Blue Belt (Technical Syllabus for 4th Kup)

Red Tag (Technical Syllabus for 3rd Kup)

Red Belt (Technical Syllabus for 2nd Kup)

Black Tag (Technical Syllabus for 1st Kup)