Technical Syllabus for 3rd Kup

Hopefully by this stage you should be quite confident with performing the basic kicks, whatever height that may be. If you feel ready we are going to move onto double kicking techniques with the same leg without putting your foot down. If you do not have good balance and control you may struggle with these techniques so go right back to basics and concentrate on keeping especially your upper body as straight as possible.

KEY TIP: The main thing to think about when trying these techniques is balance which essentially means keeping your head up, your back straight and your body in a straight line.

EXERCISE: Execute a simple kick and try and come back to your preparation position with your knee up. If you feel in control of that technique immediately add another and again come back to the same position before stepping into your fighting stance.


  • Back Fist
  • Twin Fist Attack
  • Scissor Block
  • Upset Punch


  • Back fist in a back stance, reverse inner knife hand strike in a forward stance.
  • Double low section X-fist block in a forward stance, twin fist attack.
  • Stepping forward in forward stance, double scissor block.


  • Explanation of Reverse Turning Kick.
  • Explanation of Hook Kick. Front Kick Hook Kick.
  • Blocking Technique, Side Kick.


Attacking Position

  • Basic movements of one-step sparring. The attacker steps back with right leg whilst executing a low section block over the knee. When they are called by their partner they must quickly step forward and deliver a high section punch.

Tips to remember: Always look straight forward even if your attacker moves or twists your body in some way. If you look towards your partner and they miscalculate you could end up with an injury. For safety always look forwards.

Defending Position Exercise

  1. Moving to your right step foot to foot and execute a knife hand block with your left hand. Grab the wrist and moving your right foot forward, parallel with the attacking punch, sink into a sitting stance while attacking the armpit with a back fist with your free hand. As your hand should already have hold of the wrist pull the arm down and using your right elbow, attack the front of the face.
  2. Instead of taking one step to the right and stepping foot to foot try taking two steps. Move your right foot first a small step and then bring together the left foot. Stepping forward towards your partner with your left leg in a back stance deliver a middle section punch to the solar plexus. With the same arm and without moving deliver a knife hand side strike to the side of the neck. Stepping backwards foot to foot, turn over your opposite shoulder and quickly step forward into a sitting stance executing a middle section elbow strike and finish with a quick back fist.
  3. Block the wrist with an inner crescent kick and without putting your foot on the floor throw a turning kick to the temple (or solar plexus). Place your kicking leg by your standing leg and execute a reverse turning kick with the opposite leg.

Tips to remember:

Remember to always look at your partner’s eyes when performing your techniques; this will help with your balance but also with learning how to judge your distance.


  • Attack slip bandal chagi, quickly put the front foot down and attack back leg bandal chagi.
  • Attack slip bandal chagi, quickly put the front foot down and attack back leg high section turning kick.
  • Stepping backwards in your fighting stance, back kick.