Grand Master Kim Yong Ho


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Grand Master Kim Yong Ho

Grand Master Kim Yong Ho

The World TaeKwon Mudo Academy is founded by Grand Master Kim Yong Ho, 9th Dan. The way of Mudo brings us on a journey to the source of TaeKwondo’s original martial values. With boundless energy and dedication Grand Master Kim has travelled around the world for more than four decades, teaching, running workshops, counselling and is still doing so, with unfailing determination and charisma true to the spirit of a Hankuk Hwarang.

It is a policy of the world TaekwonMuDo Academy to give anyone practising TaeKwondo the opportunity to be educated in the philosophical aspects of TaeKwondo and the spirit of martial art. The opportunity to compete in their chosen fields of TaeKwondo regardless of age, gender or abilities. artial arts is more than just winning medals and breaking more bricks than your neighbour. It is a science of our human potentials – a way to enhance our natural abilities. A journey into our inner self – a cultivation of our outer self. A fabulous journey bringing about richer perception of ourselves and others.


In adopting the way of Mudo, the individual practices TaeKwondo in it’s integrity. Every aspect of the art is taken into consideration and given the appropriate attention so as to ensure that the individual gets optimal results during training as well as precise and profound understanding of what this Korean art is all about.

As much as the traditional approach is emphasized, the sport aspect of the art has not been neglected. On the the contrary, modern Kyurugi TaeKwondo enthusiasts have much to gain from the way of Mudo. As we all know, mental control, stress and injuries inevitably plays a Greeceat role in the delicate equilibrium of competitors, affecting more often than not their performances. Mudo provides the essentials for better mental concentration and stress control as well as minimizing risks of injuries through appropriate training methods.

For those who chose not to compete in the discipline of “Kyurugi” (Free sparring) TaeKwondo – Mudo provide for them the other aspects of the art such as poomse / patterns, breaking techniques, on step sparring and self-defence to excel in. Where tradition is important, Mudo concept foresees the necessity to evolve. For that creativity is encouraged for those competing in the above mentioned fields.