Dropping Hands When Kicking

This tip may differ depending on the style of the martial art you practice. A common mistake when students are first learning to kick is that they hold their breath and lift up their arms. By doing this they cause tension and stiffness in their shoulders and chest causing their kicks to be slow and lumber some. When beginning, until you learn how to relax your upper body, totally drop your arms and relax your shoulders when kicking and do not try to generate any power whatsoever. This should make your kicking a lot faster and lighter. Remember to bring your arms back into play though as soon as you have finished the kick.

Remember: Only once you have practiced the preparation position, execution and recovery of your basic technique and learnt how to relax and breathe correctly, should you attempt to try and add power into your technique. Once you feel you want to move onto the next level just breath out forcefully through your nose (there’s no need to make a loud noise). The faster you combine your breath with your technique the faster you will move.

Power = technique x speed x relaxation.

VIDEO Ensure that you start from a kicking position with your hands up to protect your face and body and ensure that you finish your technique correctly in your balanced fighting stance.