Technical Syllabus for 1st Kup

Technical Syllabus for 1st Kup


When you get to this level and are preparing for your black belt you essentially know the majority of Taekwondo basic techniques. Being skilled at any martial art is purely down to one thing and that’s practice. It is important that as you near your black belt you are technically confident and understand the theory behind the techniques. Only when you fully understand the principle and technical side can you begin to put the moves you have learnt since white belt into any sort of realistic situation.

KEY TIP: To generate maximum power into your basic techniques you must understand that it has nothing to do with muscle power. It is the combination of breathing control, speed, balance, technique and hip movement to name the majority. The more experience you have the easier it is to put all of these factors together to try and generate maximum power.




EXERCISE: Take a back stance. Try moving into a forward stance while staying as low as possible and quickly and at the last minute turning your back foot from a 90 degree position to a 45 degree angle, thus locking your back hip into position. When you are comfortable with this add a blocking technique and a strike when you transfer your weight. Try and incorporate this into all aspects of your Taekwondo training.



  • Palm Heel Strike
  • Inner Wedging Block
  • Outer Wedging Block
  • Twin Upset Punch



  • Stepping forward outer wedging block in a forward stance, grab behind the head, bring up your knee. At the same time as you step forward with your attacking leg execute a twin upset punch in a cross stance.
  • Guard and block in a back stance, reverse palm heel strike in a forward stance.
  • Downwards palm heel block in a back stance, reverse high section elbow strike in a forward stance.


  • Step Over Reverse Turning Kick
  • Bandal Chagi, Jump Reverse Turning Kick
  • 360 Degree Kick



Attacking Position

  • Basic movements of one-step sparring. The attacker steps back with right leg whilst executing a low section block over the knee. When they are called by their partner they must quickly step forward and deliver a high section punch.

Defending Position Exercise

  1. Step backwards with your left leg into a back stance whilst knife hand inner blocking with your right hand. Without transferring any weight pick up your front leg and execute a middle section side kick to the ribs. Regain your balance and step to the outside of the body, bring both feet together, turn backwards and carry out a reverse high section ridge hand strike to just behind the earlobe.
  2. From your fighting position block the hand with an inner crescent kick, stepping foot to foot spin on the spot and throw a reverse turning kick. As soon as your foot lands behind you immediately jump and execute a jump reverse turning kick. Try and land in a fighting stance.
  3. Move your left foot to the outside of the attacker’s body 45 degrees into a forward stance and block with a reverse knife hand. Grab the wrist and deliver a bandal chagi into the attacker’s solar plexus. Regain your balance by bending your knee and without dropping your kicking leg place your foot slightly in front and away from your standing leg. Jump and spin 360 degrees (or step to start with) and deliver another bandal chagi with the same leg. Always finish the technique and land in a fighting stance.

Tips to remember:

Always finish off your final technique, whether it is a fighting stance or simply holding the position for a split second longer to indicate you have finished.


  • Bandal chagi, step forward 360 degree bandal chagi.
  • Step backwards in your fighting stance, reverse turning kick.
  • Step backwards in your fighting stance, attack back leg bandal chagi.
  • Step backwards in your fighting stance, double up your bandal chagi’s.