Technical Syllabus for 6th Kup

Technical Syllabus for 6th Kup

This training aid progresses onto double handed techniques which are difficult to get power into because the practitioner has to focus their energy on two places instead of one. There is also the introduction of spear finger strike which many students find particularly difficult to form their weapon for.

KEY TIP: Remember that to generate maximum power you have to twist your weapon and your reaction force hand at the moment just before impact.

EXERCISE: Prepare for a double middle section knife hand block and stepping forward into a back stance, concentrate twisting both hands at the last second. Correct your technique and arm positions and repeat in a four directional sequence.


  • Double knife hand guard and block in a back stance.
  • Palm heel block in a sitting stance.
  • Middle section spear finger strike in a sitting stance.
  • Knife hand side strike in a sitting stance.
  • Introduction of Tiger stance.


  • Walking Stance
  • High rising block in a walking stance, reverse punch in a forward stance.
  • Double knife hand guard and block in a back stance, reverse middle section spear finger strike in a forward stance.
  • Palm heel block in a forward stance, double middle section punch in a forward stance.
  • Knife hand side strike in a back stance.


  • Axe kick.
  • Axe kick, side kick, land in fighting stance.
  • Front snap kick off the front leg in tiger stance.
  • 45 degree kick, (bandal chagi) land in fighting stance.


Attacking Position

  • Basic movements of one-step sparring. The attacker steps back with right leg whilst executing a low section block over the knee. When they are called by their partner they must quickly step forward and deliver a high section punch.

Tips to remember: Always ensure that you aim your punch for where your partner is stood originally not where they move to.

Defending Position Exercise

  1. Step back with your left leg and execute a right handed inner block. Using the same arm execute a middle section elbow strike while slipping your front foot forward into a sitting stance.
  2. Repeat the above technique however after the elbow strike step away from your opponent with your right foot, going foot to foot, turn backwards and deliver a knife hand side strike in a back stance.
  3. Take your left leg back into a fighting position. Block the punch with an inner crescent kick, after regaining your balance, take a small step forward and throw a turning kick to the temple with your right foot.

Tips to remember:

  • As a defender you should not look where you are aiming but at your partner’s eyes the whole time. This will ensure you are aware of what is going on and also that you have your balance.


  • From your fighting position throw a bandal chagi, instead of putting your foot back behind you in its original position, literally place your foot next to your standing leg and step back into your fighting stance with the opposite foot. Thus changing kicking legs every time.
  • Stepping forward try using combinations with your bandal chagi as a starting point. For example add a turning kick on the end. If working with a partner the defender can also practice their stepping and moving backwards out of the way. If attackers kick forward twice, defenders should move backwards quickly twice.