ITF Taekwondo Competition Rules

ITF Taekwondo Competition Rules

ITF Taekwondo is classed as semi-contact which is just another term for light contact, however in reality the contact level can vary from match to match and from tournament to tournament depending on the level of competitors.

Contact regulations are enforced more with the colored belts and sometimes Dan-level competition can reach full-contact. KOs are not allowed, but if the referee determines that you executed your technique “with control” and the KO was incidental–for instance, the opponent moved into your strike–then you won’t be penalized.

SCORING AREAS: The legal target areas include both the front and side of the head/face as well as the frontal area of the trunk of the body above the waist, and you can strike to all legal areas with both punches and kicks. The number of rounds can vary from tournament to tournament, but the standard is two two-minute rounds for regular bouts, 3 two-minute rounds for finals.


1 point for a punch to the body or head, or for a kick to the body.

2 points for a kick to the head, jumping hand attack to the head, or jumping kick to the body.

3 points for a jumping kick to the head.