Getting Started in Taekwondo



Taekwondo Equipment


When first starting training don’t worry you do not need any equipment whatsoever all you need to bring is yourself and just come along and see what it’s all about. If you would like to train make sure you wear LOOSE FITTING CLOTHES. Training is done in bare feet so there’s no need to worry about footwear.

The only essential piece of equipment you will need to purchase if you do decide you would like to train is your Taekwondo uniform (dobok).

For special occasions like gradings and competitions it is required that you wear our special club Mudo Uniform, which range from £35 to £40 depending on size. (See picture)

However, for normal everyday training and to start with you can wear a cheaper white or black collar V-neck Taekwondo Dobok which are around £25. It is totally your choice. Both can be purchased from the equipment page.

Please see equipment page for all other Taekwondo equipment that is available.



NEW STARTERS Every single student must be a full member of Kim Chung Do Kwan and be fully insured before they actually set foot on the Dojang floor and start their Taekwondo training. Unfortunately we live in a day and age where this has become a necessity.

MEMBERSHIP FEE   £30 per year for new starters and for

renewals. (Cheques payable to Kim Chung Do Kwan)


After the form has been processed students will receive their membership booklet which will be needed for gradings, seminars and for competitions.


See Membership & Insurance page for more info.