Technical Syllabus for 4th Kup

Technical Syllabus for 4th Kup

Probably one of the hardest things to learn in the martial arts is how to judge distance between you and your attacker. Different techniques are designed for different distances. In total there are four main distances to differentiate between: fighting distance; this is basically a safe distance and means that one person cannot hit the other without stepping forward in some way; kicking distance; where either yourself or your partner can easily kick the other off the back leg; punching distance; a closer distance where your kicking would not work as you are too close so you have to rely on punching and striking; close combat distance; close work used for elbow and knee techniques.

Blocking with your feet is quite an advanced technique because to do this you have to be aware of your distance from your partner.

KEY TIP: When blocking with your feet always aim for your partner’s wrist, rather than kicking high up the arm, as it is easier to deflect their power and the arm will move easier.

EXERCISE: Work with a partner. One stand in a punching position in a forward stance and the other take your fighting position. Using an inner crescent kick try blocking your partner’s punch remembering to block on the wrist and to regain your balance by bending your knee after you have finished.


  • High section X-fist blocking.
  • Upper elbow strike.
  • Spear finger strike with block, middle section and high section.


  • High section X-fist block, pull, high section obverse punch in a forward stance.
  • Guard and block in a back stance, reverse upper elbow strike in a forward stance.
  • Knife hand guard and block in a back stance, reverse high section spear finger with block in a forward stance.


  • Explanation of back kick.
  • Front snap kick, back kick, land in fighting stance.
  • High section front snap kick, same leg middle section side kick.


Attacking Position

  • Basic movements of one-step sparring. The attacker steps back with right leg whilst executing a low section block over the knee. When they are called by their partner they must quickly step forward and deliver a high section punch.

Tips to remember: Totally disregard what counterattack   your partner is going to execute. Concentrate on your stance and your technique and deliver a powerful, fast, accurate punch to their upper lip.

Defending Position Exercise

  1. As the punch comes quickly bend the knees and slightly move your head while performing a high section X-fist block. By opening your hands and rotating the attackers arm forward in a circular motion you can position the arm so that a wrist and elbow lock are on. Using your left leg attack the solar plexus with a front snap kick and as you put your foot on the floor deliver a downwards elbow strike to the locked elbow joint thus breaking it.
  2. Step backwards with your left leg into a back stance whilst inner blocking with your right hand. Without transferring any weight pick up your front leg and execute a middle or high section turning kick. Regain your balance and step to the outside of your attacker’s body whilst pushing their arm to the outside, turn backwards foot to foot and step forward executing a high section elbow strike in a forward stance.
  3. Take a small step with your right foot to the right then bring your left foot together. Stepping forward with your left foot execute a middle section elbow strike in a sitting stance. Pull your left leg backwards so again you are foot to foot and turn backwards changing your hands. Attack the solar plexus again with the same technique but with the opposite leg and elbow. Quickly without moving deliver a back fist to the temple.

Tips to remember:

  • Whenever spinning always get your eyes back on the target as soon as possible, which means quick head movements.
  • Whenever pivoting with both feet together always move your hips round to make it easier to get to the next position.


  • Slip bandal chagi off the front leg.
  • Change your fighting stance, back leg bandal chagi.
  • Change your fighting stance, slip bandal chagi.