Technical Syllabus for White Belts

(9th Kup)

As a beginner it is important you learn the basic movements correctly as this will rapidly improve your technique and movement. When starting the main emphasis is on stepping and trying to gain control of your movements. Although the below exercises may seem simple they are not. All grades irrespective of grade should constantly practice their stepping skills as they are the foundation of your martial art.

KEY TIP: Whenever training the majority of your weight should be kept in the balls of your feet thus increasing your balance. All of the below exercises and beyond should be carried out without the weight rocking back onto your heel.

EXERCISE: Stand shoulder width apart. Look straight forward, keeping your head up. Gently transfer your body weight onto the balls of your feet and rise up onto your toes see how long you can balance. When you have finished try the same exercise but rock back onto your heels. You will then be able to understand the concept of stepping and where to position your weight whilst training.


  • Attention Position
  • Correct Bowing Position.
  • Ready Position/Breathing Control
  • Forward Stance
  • Sitting Stance
  • Stepping foot to foot
  • Stepping Forward
  • Turning
  • Balance Exercises
  • Formation of feet for front snap kick.
  • Kicking then regaining balance.


  • Punching in a sitting stance.
  • Low section block in a sitting stance.
  • Inner block in a sitting stance.
  • Middle section outer block in a sitting stance.


  • Low section block, reverse punch, forward stance.
  • Middle section outer block, reverse punch forward       stance.
  • Double low section block in forward stance.


  • High rising kick
  • Front snap kick


  • Fighting stance with guard and block position.
  • Stepping whilst in fighting stance.