Self Defence Against Weapons

Self Defence Against Weapons

Where weapons are concerned try and avoid them at all costs. In this day and age weapons include bottles, knives and guns. Knives can come in any direction and can easily be concealed and easy to get hold of.

If someone attacks you with a weapon and asks for money, then just give them it. Being injured possibly killed for money is not worth it. Always be aware of the weapon and where it is. Many attackers have no intention of using a weapon, it’s simply used for the scare factor. However if they are backed into a corner they may be forced to use it. Always give them an escape route as though they are in control.

Your mental attitude towards self defence is the most important. Broken bones can heal reasonably quickly, however emotional and mental scars can last a lifetime.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in an attack you must be able to live with yourself afterwards. Giving up and knowing you could have done more will eat away at you, whereas if you were determined and tried your very best, no matter what the outcome, it will make the after effects easier.

Attackers have no right to hurt anyone in any way they are trying to violate, injure, steal from you, possibly kill you. You need to be strong, determined and look for your opportunity and when you get it most the most of it. Even if they get the better of you, it’s important for your mental state of mind that you tried your best.


If you are a lone driver, who is attacked in a car, you need to get attention quickly, either by blowing the horn or driving into another car. It is best to try and avoid this situation, always lock doors especially when you know you have to stop at traffic lights and such.