Taekwondo Head Movement

This is one of the simplest, yet most overlooked basic technique. Looking where you are actually going! By turning your head and focusing on the direction you want to go, you usually eradicate a lot of mistakes in your technique caused by this simple action. E.g. By looking at the floor you’re automatically off balance because this means your head is leant forward and so your spine is bent. Also, especially when beginning, if you do not turn your head in the direction you are going prior to your movement, it is easy to get confused about where your preparation position is for your hand techniques.

Remember: When practicing alone always remember whenever you are changing direction always turn your head first and focus on a spot straight ahead. By dropping your eyes you immediately put yourself off balance because it means that your spine is not in a straight line.

Higher grades: Once you are confident at this technique you need to increase your speed when changing direction, so turn your head, step and prepare all at the same time. Practise slowly to start with and ensure your preparation position is correct before you execute your technique.