Physical development in Karate


General Health

If mental development is the real end of karate, the beginning is undoubtedly physical

development. A sound body is always the basis of a sound mind.

But can

Karate training is particularly adaptable for persons of either sex or any age. The training,

although hard, is never excessive. You need no apparatus, no partner, but only enough space in

which to exercise. Later, of course, when you are ready to begin sparring, you will need a

partner. By this time your health should be so improved that you will all be but unrecognizable!

In fact, the benefits are too numerous to be dealt with fully here. No wonder so many

‘karate-ka’ live to a great age!


Side-kicks stimulate the thyroid glands, ensuring a normal emission of hormones. Certain

postures, particularly the ‘iron horse’ posture, strengthen the abdominal and hip muscles and also

tone the sexual nerves which stem from the pelvic region. Breath control accompanies every

movement improving the flexibility of sensory nerves controlling tenacity and contractile forces.

Most important of all, perhaps, is the alternative that karate offers to the nervous prostration

brought about by an excess of self-control which is such a hazard of civilization. Karate offers

nervous balance and both mental and physical fulfillment.

anyone have a sound body? With a few obvious exceptions, the answer is yes.