Jeet kune do terminology


Chinese Name                              English Translation

1) Lee Jun Fan                             Bruce Lee’s Chinese Name

2) Jeet Kune Do                          Way of the Intercepting Fist

3) Yu-Bay!                                    Ready!

4) Gin Lai                                      Salute

5) Bai Jong                                   Ready Position

6) Kwoon                                     School or Academy

7) Si-jo                                          Founder of System (Bruce Lee)

8) Si-gung                                    Your Instructor’s Instructor

9) Si- fu                                        Your Instructor

10) Si-hing                                  Your senior, older brother

11) Si-dai                                    Your junior or younger brother

12) Si-bak                                   Instructor’s senior

13) Si-sook                                 Instructor’s junior

14) To-dai                                   Student

15) Toe-suen                             Student’s Student

16) Phon-Sao                             Trapping Hands

17) Pak sao                                Slapping Hand

18) Lop sao                                Pulling Hand

19) Jut sao                                  Jerking Hand

20) Jao sao                                Running Hand

21) Huen sao                            Circling Hand

22) Boang sao                         Deflecting Hand (elbow up)

23) Fook sao                            Horizontal Deflecting Arm

24) Maun sao                           Inquisitive Hand (Gum Sao)

25) Gum sao                           Covering, Pressing Hand, Forearm

26) Tan sao                            Palm Up Deflecting Hand

27) Ha pak                              Low Slap

28) Ouy ha pak                      Outside Low Slap Cover

29) Loy ha pak                       Inside Low Slap Cover

30) Ha o’ou sao                     Low Outside Hooking Hand

31) Woang pak                      High Cross Slap

32) Goang sao                        Low Outer Wrist Block

33) Ha da                                 Low Hit

34) Jung da                             Middle Hit

35) Go da                                High Hit

36) Bil-Jee                              Thrusting fingers (finger jab)

37) Jik chung choi                Straight Blast (Battle Punch)

38) Chung choi                     Vertical Fist

39) Gua choi                         Back Fist

40) Ping choi                       Horizontal Fist

41) Chop choi                     Knuckle Fist

42) Saat                               Knee

43) Jang                              Elbow

44) Kow Tao                      Head Butt

45) No’ou tek                     Hook Kick  (Roundhouse Kick)

46) Juk tek                          Side Kick

47) Hou tek                        Back Kick

48) Hou juk tek                 Back-Side Kick

49) Juen tek                      Spin Kick

50) Dum tek                      Foot Stomp

51) Gua tek                       Inverted Hook Kick

52) Jeet Tek                     Stop Kick

53) Jik tek                        Straight Kick

54) So tek                       Sweeping Kick

55) Chi sao                    Sticky Hands Exercise

56) Tan sao                   Palm Up Deflecting Hand