Bruce Lee Footwork


Bruce Lee footwork



is the essence of fighting.

If you’re slow on your feet,

you’ll be late in hitting.

A skilled fighter can shift

to evade most blows.

His body is “light as a feather,”

when he fights all foes.

He moves like a stallion

galloping with grace

Instead of a kangaroo

leaping high in space.

The art of mobility

Bruce Lee footwork


matter of movements. Your application of an effective technique depends on your

footwork. Speed of your footwork leads the way for fast kicks and punches. If you

are slow on your feet, you will be slow with your hands and feet, too.

The principle of fighting is the art of mobility: to seek your target or to avoid being a

target. Footwork in jeet kune do should be easy, relaxed and alive but firm in

movement, while the traditional, classical horse stance is not functional because it

is slow and awkward. In fighting you are required to move in any direction instantly.


Proper footwork is good balance in action, which contributes to hitting power and

avoidance of punishment. Good footwork will beat any kick or punch. A moving

target is definitely more difficult to hit than a stationary one. The more skillful you

are with your footwork, the less you have to use your arms to block or parry kicks

and punches. By moving deftly you can elude almost any blow and at the same

time prepare your fists and feet to attack.

Besides evading blows, footwork allows you to cover distance rapidly, escape out

of a tight corner and conserve your energy to counter with more sting in your punch

or kick. A heavy slugger with poor footwork will exhaust himself as he futilely

attempts to hit his opponent.

The best position for your feet is where you can move rapidly in any direction and

so you are well balanced to withstand blows from any angle. The feet must always

be directly under your body. The on-guard stance present proper body balance and

a natural alignment of your feet.

In jeet kune do mobility is heavily emphasized because hand-to-hand combat is a