What Is A Form / Poomsae ?

What Is A Taekwondo Form Poomsae ?

A poomsae is a combination of basic actions and movements exercised with an imaginary opponent. Therefore through practicing poomsae one can become accurate in both offensive and defensive techniques and can obtain special techniques that cannot be acquired through free sparring. E.g. Breathing control and how to apply techniques.

Grand Master Kim Yong Ho, 9th Dan, has spent his life-time studying both Taekwondo technique and theory to create eight Pal Jung Do and Pal Mudo Poomsae. Consequently martial art students cannot become skilled in poomsae over a short period of time as the poomsaes must be fully understood and practiced with great tenacity and endurance.

All actions and movements exercised in free sparring, one-step sparring, breaking and self-defence are based on poomsae. It is therefore important that instructors should ensure their students correctness in posture, stances and techniques.

General Rules When Practising Poomsae.

  • Your poomsae should finish in the same position as you started. If you don’t there is a chance the length of your stances are incorrect.
  • Control your breathing. This will help you focus your energy on the target intended and use your strength efficiently.
  • Add power only where necessary on moment of impact. During preparation relax and breathe abdominally.
  • Ensure that during the whole poomsae your weight is distributed correctly on the balls of your feet thus finding maximum balance and control. This also enables you to dodge an attack and counter-attack instantaneously.
  • Try not to alter your height throughout the poomsae. When stepping from stance to stance remain the same height. The lower you are to the floor the more balance you have.
  • Concentrate on every individual technique whether it be a block, strike or kick, and try to get maximum power into each. This is just as much a mental exercise as it is physical.
  • Whenever kihaping (shouting) make sure it is short and powerful.
  • Always keep your eyes level. This ensures your head is straight and therefore you will have more balance when performing.
  • Never favour a particular poomsae as each Pal Jung Do poomsae is designed for health benefits.