Taekwondo Grading Etiquette

Taekwondo Rules Of Grading

It is important that both students and parents obey the strict rules of martial arts grades:

  1. All students wishing to grade must be insured and a member of the club. Insurance renewals must be submitted at least one month prior to the grade so no cross over occurs.
  2. Each student must return their completed grading form with their fee at least a week before a grade.
  3. Students must never ask to grade. It is their Instructor’s decision alone.
  4. Students must be smartly dressed in a clean, ironed uniform with the club’s badge. Ensure your belt is tied correctly and that sleeves and trousers on your dobok are not rolled up.
  5. Belts should be handed into your instructor at the end of the examination and it must be clean.
  6. No jewellery should be worn on the grade. Any rings that won’t come off should be covered over.
  7. No chewing gum is allowed.
  8. All nail varnish should be removed and hands and feet should be clean.

Grading Etiquette:

Applying a good attitude to your grading does not just apply to when you are on the floor. Students should also show excellent grading etiquette and a good attitude in general. Students should always remember to:

  1. After the warm up students are instructed to sit at the back of the hall until their name is called. Please remember out of respect for the other students grading you should sit quietly and wait for your name to be called.

10. When your name is called you must stand up, say “present”, bow, and quickly make your way to the designated spot.

11. Watch and listen carefully to the Black Belt taking the grade.

12. Whilst sitting watching the grade students must not talk or leave the floor.

13. No food or drink is allowed on the grading floor.

14. Parents and younger children should also sit quietly during the grading.

15. If for any reason you cannot stay for the full grading session you must inform your instructor on your application form. If you or your parents are called away during the grade you must inform your instructor who in turn will inform the top table.

16. Bow to any higher grades on the day.

17. Always remove your glasses when working with a partner.

18. Never turn your back on the top table. Always walk off backwards when leaving the floor.