Karate Defensive Foot Techniques

Karate defensive foot techniques

Blocking with the feet has the great advantage of leaving the hands free. However, it does

leave one momentarily on one leg and so the balance must be very secure. Here are two of the

most common defensive uses of the feet.

Mikazuki-geri-uke (crescent kick block). The striking surface here is the sole of the foot.

Bend the leg slightly at the knee, raise it, then swing it with a swivel-like movement of the hips

to focus on the oncoming attack in front of the body. At the moment of impact the knee should

still be bent slightly, and the toes should be pointing straight upward. Finally, withdraw the leg

as at the completion of the front kick and resume a strong position in order to counter.

(Alternatively, after withdrawing from the block you may use the same foot for a thrust kick

without first returning it to the ground.)

Nami-ashi (inside snap block). Although this technique may be executed from any one

of a number of stances, including the forward and diagonal straddle stance, it is best practised

basically from the straddle stance. From this stance, simply kick the sole of the foot inward and

upward in front of the body, using the hip muscles to give the movement its snap. This is a very

fast technique: only the blocking leg is moved and the body weight should not be shifted. It is

useful either to parry an attack to the groin or to move a leg out of range of a stamping kick.