Technical Syllabus for 2nd Kup

Technical Syllabus for 2nd Kup


As a progression from the last training aid we are going to move onto two directional kicking techniques defending against multiple attackers. These techniques are particularly difficult to carry out and will take a lot of practice to achieve correctly without losing your balance so don’t worry at all if you cannot do them immediately. All it takes is time and patience and you will definitely get there.


KEY TIP: The key here is to keep your knee raised high after delivering your first kick. If you let your knee drop not only does it affect your balance but it would mean re-lifting the knee to the same position before you execute your second kick thus wasting precious time.


EXERCISE: As a two directional exercise try executing a high section front snap kick and regaining your balance by bending your knee. Immediately after try firing another kick in another direction whether is be a side kick, back kick or other. Make sure after the second kick you come back to a balanced position.




  • Arc Hand Strike
  • Ridge Hand Strike
  • Knife Hand High Rising Block
  • Knife Hand Low Section Block
  • Knife Hand Inner Block



  • Low section knife hand block in a forward stance, pull back into back stance obverse high rising knife hand block.
  • Knife hand inner block in a tiger stance, front snap kick off the front leg, reverse ark hand strike in a forward stance.
  • Stepping forward in a back stance, knife hand inner block. Quickly step round backwards high section elbow strike in a sitting stance.


  • Bandal chagi, reverse turning kick.
  • Front snap kick, hook kick, turning kick.
  • Step over spin side kick.



Attacking Position

  • Basic movements of one-step sparring. The attacker steps back with right leg whilst executing a low section block over the knee. When they are called by their partner they must quickly step forward and deliver a high section punch.

Tip to remember: Always make sure that especially your second step is a correct forward stance. A lot of student are too busy thinking about what their partner is doing and do not concentrate on their own positions and technique.

Defending Position Exercise

  1. Step backwards with your left leg into a back stance whilst knife hand inner blocking with your right hand. Without transferring any weight pick up your front leg and execute a middle or high section turning kick. Placing the foot back down foot to foot turn backwards and stepping into a sitting stance with your left leg deliver a high section elbow strike.
  2. From your fighting stance, block the punch with an inner crescent kick, step foot to foot and deliver a reverse turning kick with the opposite kick ensuring you land in your fighting stance.
  3. Sinking down block the high section punch with a high section X fist block, taking the arm down as close to their body as possible step forward with your left foot so that your back is facing them. Quickly put the back of their elbow on your shoulder and apply an elbow lock. Keeping hold of their arm step backwards quickly with your right foot and finish with a high section punch.


  • Doubling your bandal chagi’s up. Attack back leg bandal chagi and before your foot hits the floor throw your opposite leg bandal chagi.
  • Slip bandal chagi off the front leg before your foot hits the floor deliver a back leg bandal chagi to the target.
  • Same as above but make the second kick a high section turning kick.