Taekwondo Correct Forward Stance

A correct forward stance should always be 3 and a half of your own feet in length and shoulder-width apart, with your hips facing forward to ensure you are in a balanced position. The back leg should be locked straight and point at least 45 degrees forward whilst the front knee should be bent no more than 90 degrees.

Bear in mind it is your heels that need to be shoulder-width apart not your toes. Often, especially if your back foot is pointed 90 degrees, students glance down to check their stance position and mistakenly think their feet are shoulder width apart when in actual fact their heels are in a straight line and it is their toes sticking out sideways that gives the illusion of the stance being accurate. Always try and ensure your hips are square in a forward stance this should make certain your stance in correct.

Remember: Try to imagine you are on railway tracks with one heel on one track and one heel on the other. If your stance is too wide it has the same effect as being too narrow.


Study the first stance on the video. Since the heels are aligned this makes your stance too narrow making it impossible to get your balance. Correct it by moving the back foot across to ensure your hips are square and your stance is shoulder width apart.

The second stance is too wide. This basically has the same effect as your stance being too narrow in the fact that again you will be off balance in your stance, meaning you will be off balance in your upper body and so will not gain maximum power.

The third stance is shoulder-width apart with the hips square; this is the most balanced stance and what you should be aiming for. Remember that the weight should be on the balls of the feet and your stance should be approximately three and a half steps forward. Any longer and again your balance will lessen.