Taekwondo Back Stance

To ensure you have a good back stance that would realistically work if you were ever attacked; you need to ensure that your weight is distributed correctly. As back stance is a defensive stance 70% of your weight should be pushed over your back foot, leaving 30% over your front leg.

Firstly put your heels together and form an L-shape, with your front foot pointing straight forward. Count two and a half of your own footsteps forward and make sure your heels are in a straight line. Try picking up your front knee. If you have to transfer any weight backwards or move your upper body it means your weight distribution isn’t quite correct. Practice until you can pick up your front knee easily then add on a front snap kick. You should be able to perform any basic kick from this position off your front leg.

Remember: It is vital that your front foot points directly forward whilst your back foot is exactly 90 degrees. Always check your stance once you have stepped forward to make certain that your feet are in the L-shape position.