Preparation Of Knife Hand

When Learning Single Open Hand Techniques

(E.g. Single knife hand block, inner knife hand strike, spear finger strike.)

An extremely common fault when students are practicing basics and first learn knife hand or open hand techniques is remembering to close your reaction force hand on the way back to your hip. Students tend to, because it is a brand new technique and they have numerous other things to think about, pull their hand back to their hip in the same position as they left it, which in the case of a single knife hand block, is open.

A simple method to correct this when first learning open handed techniques is to close your front hand before you move. This ensures that the hand going back to the hip will be in a correct fist and therefore correct technique. The more you practice the more natural it will feel and you will end up doing it naturally. This applies to all single open handed techniques.

Remember: Break every movement down into preparation, execution and recovery. Only then will you have excellent technique.